Culture tour : Norwegian Sofie goes native

Guide John picked the three of us up at our house at 09:30, and we drove out of the city centre of Kigali. After about 30 minutes driving, passing the daily life of Africa with colourful women carrying baskets on their heads, men riding bikes loaded with too much potatoes and the rolling hills of Rwanda, we arrived at the home of one of the group members (Jennet). We sat down together with three women who greeted us and shared us with their moving stories and their relation to NOUSPR. After a quick snack of hard-boiled eggs and banana we started our day in the lives of these women. First we got to milk a cow, which was muddy and challenging, but great fun. Since I am about to get married in a couple of months, the women felt I should get used to carrying children, and they strapped a little baby on my back. The adorable little girl was glued to my back as we peeled potatoes and chopped vegetables. After finishing the vegetables we went to fetch water in the well near by. The children in the neighbourhood soon caught up with the three bewildered muzungu, and joined us to the well smiling and laughing, filling our cans and pointing out the directions for us. Back at the house we joined in on preparing the lunch. The three women instructed us and taught us how to fry the potatoes, make peanut mash and cook the sauce. After eating the most perfect home made organic meal I have had in a long time, the women brought out paper and scissors to show us how to make beads. We all got to try. We got to see what the group makes out of the pearls, and a chance to buy some of it. At about 14:30 we left the house to go back to Kigali. It had been a wonderful day together with John, the children and these three amazing women, and we are all thankful for them taking their time  and teach us about their way of life.

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Prepared by Sofie participant

Published by UWAMARIYA Bernadette