A better future for Gatunda Street Kids


Former street kid has a go at writing

Over the first week of January 2017, NOUSPR held a literacy event for street kids. Held at our offices in Kabeza, a Kigali suburb , over 360 exercise books, pens and other gifts including magazines, foot balls, music equipment and colored pencils for drawing were given to the street kids through its self help groups. NOUSPR donated a consignment of books and other materials to street kids following a six month drive aimed at empowering them to improve their writing and reading skills.
NOUSPR  believes that helping vulnerable kids  inspires them to aspire for a better future. It is envisioned that by learning to read,  the street kids will gain knowledge for future use as most of the kids are still at this tender age

‘’Street kids need a helping hand while still at a tender age, for they will be able to manage themselves in future.’’  BADEGE said during the launch event. Besides giving those books and other writing materials, NOUSPR is also planning to routinely organize writing and reading competitions during which  the best stories for the street kids will be rewarded at the group and individual levels. additionally NOUSPR will explore a magazine to publish their stories far and wide. NOUSPR hopes that reading fantasy tales will help children’s imagination to grow so that they can dream big.

NOUSPR have also been inspiring the street kids to discover their talents, there are some who are interested in foot ball, others in music and comedy. We believe that if we loffer them a chance to dream, they will strive and yearn to be like authors or heroes they used to read about,” she said.
NOUSPR hopes to keep facilitating rehabilitation of street children through  music ,dance and drama as well as computer classes, while improving literacy through reading and writing. This complements the plan of the Government of Rwanda which is to increase literacy among all Rwandans.


Children from Kinyinya , Gasabo District show their joy as they receive their learning material