Right as you enter NOUSPR offices you are welcomed by an effigy of a woman whose right hand is holding the chest of a person and her left hand is gently placed on his shoulder expressing the comfort- giving of a troubled person. You will no doubt spend some minutes admiring it before you say hello to anybody around there because it is an admirable figure!

When Dr.  William Kayamba, a professor and head of Arts department in the Christian University Mukono visited NOUSPR and saw how members with psychosocial disability are frequenting the office and how the staff is devoted to render any possible support to them; he went back home and come back with an idea of constructing the figure.

as tears of Joy were rolling over chicks of on lookers, on its handing over the picture  to NOUSPR Dr. William said: ‘’I led with interest the mission and vision of NOUSPR and its literature everywhere in the office, I got time to interact with the staff and I saw how you the clients (people with psychosocial disability) enjoy staying at NOUSPR, I got the impression that NOUSPR must be worthy of a home for people with psychosocial disabilities where they are treated with respect and dignity, this makes them feels at home and hopeful for tomorrow. I was challenged to see the people who many regard as hopeless and non producing exhibiting confidence and hope for a better life. I keep thinking how the message can be accessible to all and be spread wide and far in a pictorial way’’ stated Dr. William as he was handing over the Statuette to the NOUSPR Executive Director Mr. BADEGE Sam.

We wish to express our Gratitude to all people who appreciate our work and respond in such refreshing way, we pledge to commit to the work that promotes and protects people with psychosocial disability here and everywhere else on the globe.


Thank you Dr. William.