Culture Tour to Rulindo group

I have worked as a volunteer for NOUSPR for 6 months now. When my mother in law came to visit my fiancé and I in Kigali, I decided to take her on a Culture Tour, to show her more of what NOUSPR does and what impact it has on the people living with a mental health problem in Rwanda. My mother in law grew up on a farm and works with health care in Norway, so she was a keen participant on what turned out to be a great day. With us was Sarah a young volunteer from the UK. The three of us joined Winnie and John from NOUSPR to visit Assia and some of the members of her patient group in Rulindo. We spent the day milking cows, sorting beans, preparing chapatties, making baskets of banana leaves and preparing food together. We also collected water from the well down in the valley, something that turned out to be quite a challenging walk, and made us think of the struggle of every day life in Rwanda. The women showed us how to handle the different activities and we all laughed at some of our miserable attempts. The day was a success. Both my mother in law and Sarah left with big smiles on their faces, well aware of the good work NOUSPR does for people in Rwanda.

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