Bicycles and Mobile phone handsets for our patient experts


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On 9th December 2014, NOUSPR distributed 40 bicycles and 46 mobile phones to the NOUSPR Patient experts who have been on the field for over 11 months. Patient Experts (PEs) the people with psychosocial disabilities who have ever experienced mental relapse of different levels and with the feeling of the ordeal they passed through and how they suffered in the hands of their carers volunteered to provide fair treatment to those who go through the same mental health conditions. NOUSPR have, so far provided basic trainings on counseling, conflict resolution, and human approach to strangers etc. they are now over 58. The peer-to peer counseling of people with mental illness and raising of awareness of the human rights of people with psychosocial disabilities done by the PEs have registered success in different ways, family members and local leaders who have been visited or have met with the PEs at work have been convinced and learned the human approach to those people who get relapsed today. NOUSPR is in touch of a number of local authorities who prevent the community to abuse the human rights of people with psychosocial disability.
The challenges which were forwarded to NOUSPR by the Patent experts is among others communication and transport which they use to reach deep in villages and in hard-to reach areas, they also use telephone mobiles to communicate to NOUSPR for quick intervention and or for guidance and support.
NOUSPR through the VSO-INSIPIRED project is supporting 14 groups of people with psychosocial disabilities in 9 districts of Nyagatare, Kicukiro, Gasabo, Rurindo, Nyaruguru, Bugesera, Rubavu, Musanze and Nyarugenge in various programs including trainings in managerial and group leadership skills, improving livelihoods and advocacy of the human rights of people with psychosocial disabilities through big events like the World Mental Health Day, International Day of People with Psychosocial Disability etc.
In All the 14 groups each have received, in this year 2 sewing machines,3 bicycles 3 mobile phones and office materials (files, punching machines, logbooks, note pads, pens rulers etc) to help do the office work, they have as well opened accounts and have got at least 100,000 frw by NOUSPR put on their account.
As it is growing and revealing more and more things to do on the field this new innovation of ‘’Patient Experts’’ is expected to spread nationwide at it has proved to be the most effective approach to mental health challenges.

Published by NOUSPR Secretariat