How peer support offers hope !

NOUSPR is very concerned about the welfare and household development of its members and does it through developing guidelines and strategies. These are then disseminated to its group members and follow up to see the progress is done through  field visits. So, this is how a delegation from NOUSPR office comprised of John Tugume Field Officer, Winnie Tumwine the Project Officer and Cindy Casedy the international Volunteer in Mental Health Issues visited one of NOUSPR’s group members called TWISUNGANE-BUNGYE in Nyaruguru district, Southern province.


NOUSPR team with group members

sharing a meal after the work shop


The main objective of the visit was to monitor and promote the human rights of people with psycho social disability as well as sensitize people with psycho social disability about their right to property and the right to sustainable independent life. Cindy Casedy who is a professional psychologist assesses the mental health issues/challenges that may impede the group’s progress, John translates and makes a report and Winnie takes care of logistics. Members are actively involved in the VSLG (Village Savings and Loan Group) a savings and lending money program and this creates a strong bond of the group members and also encourages them to have a saving culture.