Monthly planning meeting: heads of groups vow to deliver

It has become NOUSPR’s tradition to conduct Monthly planning meetings with its member groups, this time round it was held on 5th March 2014 with all the 13 heads of NOUSPR groups, the board, the staff and the international volunteers who supports both in technical and financial aspects. the burning items on the Agenda were: 1. How effective is the PEs Program and how the capacities of the individual P.Es would be improved in order for them to cope up with the emerging challenges in the growing  program. 2.  The importance of SMP (sewing Machine Project) as a beginning of self-help projects leading to independence of NOUSPR groups.
In such NOUSPR meetings there are always sets of questions a list of specific issues that participants have to address both the secretariat and the participants must tackle those issues and ensure that the solutions and or the strategies set are shared with the members at the grassroots. It was such an impressive meeting in which participants were pleased to listen to Mr. David McCabe on plans for the Patient Experts’ program 2015/16, MR. Steven caudle on Income generating projects, particularly on Sewing Machine Project and the board on Governance, the speakers too had time to listen to the ideas and success stories from the group Heads also Challenges in both programs were highlighted and solutions were thought.
At the  closure of the meeting NOUSPR received a guest from the DRF(Disability Rights Fund) an organization which started funding NOUSPR this year 2015, Mr. Medi Ssengoba who is its program manager in Africa described well what DRF is and what is there for, he informed the group leaders that DRF is well informed of the plight of psychosocial disability; problems involving stigma, isolation, seclusion and all the human rights abuses that they face, the Guest informed that there is an opportunity for Groups like those of NOUSPR to access funding from DRF ‘’the small grant aims at helping groups of People with disabilities to get more organized and you are the people’’ Group Leaders were excited to hear the message from Mr. Medi Ssengoba that there is an organization which considers Psychosocial disability in their program and they said to him ‘’we are DRF’ friends’’.
We are grateful and thankful to our Patients Expert, NOUSPR Volunteers and the stuff for organizing weekly meetings which keeps NOUSPR and its GROUPS in truck ‘To advocate for and with people with psychosocial disability and to provide a platform for a unified and empowered voice …..
Keep supporting the right cause!









By UWAMARIYA Bernadette
Data processing officer.