NOUSPR has founded 13 different patient groups spread all over the country, covering all of Rwanda’s five Provinces and 9 of Rwanda´s 30 districts. These groups vary in size, from 15 to 187 members who come together to support and comfort each other as well as doing handicrafts and other activities together. NOUSPR assists the groups as best as we can, by donating sawing machines chickens and giving different kinds of trainings. NOUSPR has a tight relationship with the group leader and visit every group at least once a month. For more information about our groups click here

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The black marks indicate the location of our patient groups


Girumwete´ukore “To work hard”
Group leader: Shyirakyera
Activity: sewing and growing pineapples

Duhumurizanye “To comfort each other”
Group leader: Andre
Activity: sewing, growing vegetables and beading
District: Gasabo

Cyefaco “Group”
Group leader: Vicent
Activity: sewing
District: Bugesera

Urufatiro “The foundation”
Group leader: Mukama
Activity: making baskets and brick making

Twizerane “Trust each other”
Group leader: Nyirabagwiza
Activity: sewing, beading, making baskets and knitting

Duharanire ubuzima “Lets fight for life”
Group leader: Agatha
Activity: sewing and basket making

Ihumure “To be leisured”
Group leader: Celine
Activity: sewing and beading

Duhumurizanye “To comfort each other”
Group leader: Beatrice
Activity: sewing, basket making and growing vegetables
District: Muhanga

Twisungane Bunge “Let us be together, Bunge”
Group leader: Domitira
Activity: chicken keeping, pig keeping and soap making
District: Nyaruguru

Twiheshagaciro “To respect yourself”
Group leader: Jean d’arc
Activity: sewing, growing potatoes and pig keeping

Isangemubandi “find yourself among together”
Group leader: Vestine
Activity: sewing, beading, basket making, weaving and growing vegetables
District: Nyarugenge

Twisungane Muzanse “Let us be together, Musanze
Group leader: Cristian
Activity: sewing, beading and basket making
District: Musanze

Duhumurizanye Rulindo “We come together, Rulindo”
Group leader: Assia
Activity: sewing, basket making and beading
District: Rulindo

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