One to one with Patients

Winnie and Sofie have started part two of a VSO project, which is to interview patients and family members in all our patient groups. The purpose is to find out how the Patient Expert program is functioning. They are on a tight schedule, visiting four groups per week. Some of the groups they have traveled to are as far as Gisenyi, Musanze and Nyagatare. Through the interviews they have found the patients and their families are extremely happy with the Patient Expert program. For some the Patient Experts , the intervention has meant the difference between life and death.

as one patinet summed it up, “The PE´s have love. They go from their homes to help others that they are not related to. It is great! I think I would still have been isolated in my home, if it were not for the PEs”

”They gave me value and I started to trust my self. I am not mad on the street any more. I have a home. Other people also  value me when I am not on the street”