Student of Kigali International Primary Shool enjoying Shapati making

Primary students from Kigali international school in an amazing cultural visit to Rulindo.

The day 23rd April 2015 was yet another memorable day in the life of NOUSPR Culture tour. It started with rain and I was worried that I may not be able to Make it, as I had agreed with the head of the team that I will pick them up at around 9:00, as my prayers were ascending to heaven, the sky got more clear and clear that by 900. Am it was a different season. I was able to go out, stretch and pick the momentum to go. Meeting the seven guests from Nyarutarama was on time and we drove in two land cursers to Duhumurizanye in Rurindo District where one of the amazing NOUSPR groups lives, I had chosen it for these young students to have their day experiencing the local Rwandan village life. It was so welcoming to see the foreign students interacting with women survivors of psychiatry like they have been together for ages. The Women were keen to tell their village stories as the students were keen to listen and ask some curious funny questions, as a way of getting them to know more about the village life in the Village we engaged them in different day to day village activities; we started with milking a cow where each of the seven student got a chance to touch on the tit of a cow, preparing chapattis and preparing and taking tea where everyone enjoyed! then collecting water down and scipy ceo kept on falling with water,We had lunch, we locally prepared food by ourselves and it was delicious. Last activity was hands on beading cutting of old calendars pepper and making bags out of banana leaves.
Note: most enjoyed activities:
Milking a cow,Making chapattis,collecting water,Beading and weaving.
Many thanks to our hosts, Visitors and the organizers involved.

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