Remembering the less fortunate: Day of the African child

In a bid to raise awareness of existence of street Kids, NOUSPR joined the lest of the world and the entire nation to mark the Day of the African child.



The above children all lived on streets due to problems caused by various challenges, not least family conflict and separation.  NOUSPR brought them together to share their life experiences. Yet impacting them in a sustainable manner  requires more than just bringing them together once a week  and educate them on some life skills. NOUSPR is exploring how best to holistically support street kids. Most of them exhibit hunger, dress in rags and engage in petty crime and do drugs. Our partners ASK and Toybox have been a great help in the past offering assistance to these kids..


Sam Badege , ED chats with a street kid


Shemus , NOUSPR Chairperson hands over a T shirt to a beneficiary kid


Kids display shoes and other materials received from NOUSPR


the event involved NOUSPR board and the staff ; the children had enough time to share experience , talents with one another, danced  and played with one another. NOUSPR through its groups helps these children to meet at least once a month and train them in life skills, interacting, expressing themselves and more so helps them with cloths