• “Our neighbours now know we are responsible adults who can earn money and work hard” - Jeanne D´Arc


At NOUSPR we encourage the participation of all and believe that no one should be excluded because of their disability. People with psychosocial disability are frequently excluded from society in Rwanda due to misplaced briefs about their capabilities and ability to positively contribute to society.

By creating income-generating activities we can help people suffering from psychosocial disabilities in a number of ways by:

  •  Increasing their sources of income and thereby their livelihoods and standard of living
  •  Addressing feelings of low self-esteem leading to a lack of confidence
  •  Enhancing their standing in the local community by showing that they are capable of organizing into groups and running a small business
  • Showing to local authority officials that given the right support and encouragement people with disabilities can positively contribute



Sewing machines: With the introduction of sewing machines from September 2014 NOUSPR groups are running small tailoring businesses. Three approaches to generating income have been adopted: repairs and alterations; speculative making for stock/selling from stock; and making for order. Customers are local people as well as schools and parents needing school uniforms.

Culture Tour: By bring people from other cultures to spend a day participating in the daily lives of NOUSPR members a positive outcome is available for all. Not only does the group benefit from the fees collected from the visitors but they also have a great opportunity to sale to them their beautiful handicrafts. For more information about participating on a culture tour, click here

Farming: some groups are growing vegetables and fruits like pineapple, potato, beans that they sell at the marked

Pig keeping: One group has pigs that they breed, and sell.

Beading: Some groups make paper beads and sell jewellery. To see products in our groups, click here





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