Skjermbilde 2015-06-25 kl. 13.17.37TESTIMONIES

I wrote these NOUSPR testimonies in the spring of 2015 whilst working in Rwanda   as a   volunteer. The many members who offered to let me record their stories did so largely because Sam and his team knew that the best evidence of NOUSPR’s success in helping people with psychosocial problems would be in documented first hand accounts of the members themselves.

The stories were simply told to me without self pity and I found them to be deeply moving. They reveal much suffering but also display the resilience and strength of the Rwandan people. I was left in no doubt that NOUSPR has played a critical role in improving and enriching the lives of its members. It is also evident that those who received help are now helping others in their groups.

There are many challenges in this work; cultural, legal and financial. I know that the members who have shared their stories here would be proud if their actions motivate you to contribute to NOUSPR’s work in any way.

Jane Kaim-Caudle

May 2015