Building capacity for improved mental health service providers



NOUSPR conducted field visits with more than 250 NOUSPR members in 15 self help groups’ sites throughout the North, South, East, West and Kigali City regions. NOUSPR members with epilepsy or mental health problems, and numerous psychiatric nurses and community health workers, shared their experiences and concerns regarding treatment and medications. As a result of receiving many requests for more information regarding key issues in mental health diagnosis and treatment, NOUSPR in collaboration with the University of Kibungo (UNIK) is offering a series of workshops for psychiatric nurses and allied mental health professionals and patients and community health workers throughout the five regions of Rwanda. The workshops have been specifically tailored for psychiatric nurses and mental health professionals to provide an in-depth, enjoyable learning experience for all participants in a small group, “hands on” format. Lectures, roleplaying and structured group exercises will be used to make the material applicable to participants’ every day work experience with clients with epilepsy or mental health disorders.