Training member groups on their rights

NOUSPR. Have for the last two years, through the INSIPIRED Project intensified in building capacities of its SHGs specifically in the areas of leadership, organizational development, income generating. 22nd April marked end of intervals of training NOUSPR members on the human on rights of people with Disabilities; this part of what FOSI /OSIEA sponsored this year in NOUSPR.
For the first time in the NOUSPR history (if not in Rwandan history, anyway) people who have ever experienced madness were allowed a chance to train on how to articulately claim their human rights.
The training was very participative, revelry and liked by the people with psychosocial Disability. One measure of how this mode of training was understood and liked by the participant is the level of responses they got back from the members who they were asked to consult about experiencing mental lines and how the human rights of the affected were protected /abused, The 150 guidelines which were distributed all were returned were all well answered! , I suggest this David’s method become a model of training not only with the People who have ever experienced mental health conditions but also to the community who we feel should internalize the UNCRPD; Colorful articles with demonstrating pictures on each phrase, related questions and probable answers, seeking examples from participants and taking time to listen, regular breaks, home work and presentation of participants on the following day….all these made the whole training disability friendly and affordable by the participants. The 87 slides on which the all UNCRPD articles were copied and elaborated were divided into sessions which were presented in three days’ sessions with a memorisable home work to each participant.

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What an amazing work was this! Anyway, thanks you very much Dave our Management advisor you came up with a training method that fits the understanding of people who have once been refused a chance to participating in the dairy normal life with others. Not to forgetting the entire NOUSPR staff and the Volunteers who make the whole event end with a big reap!
Remember NOUSPR’s Vision is to advocate for and with people with psychosocial disability for a unified and empowered voice to have our human rights fully promoted and protected!