Workshop Training Session for the New Board 2nd December 2014

With the new board members elected and all the excitement of the voting over it was time for the Board and staff to meet and start the process of understanding their roles and responsibilities. Dave MacCabe, NOUSPR’s VSO Volunteer gave presentations detailing the role of the Chair Person and what behaviours board members could usefully adopt to ensure the growth, stability and ongoing good repute of NOUSPR.
One of the big learns was that all should contribute to discussions by expressing their views but in the end be prepared to accept the consensus view.




A discussion took place, partly as an exercise and partly as a live debate about how Sam’s idea of creating a training centre for members could be developed and made a reality. Sam spoke to his vision and board members contributed usefully proposals.

Shamus thanked all for attending and contributing to a full day. She reinforced the message that the board would work for the benefit of all members.

Shamus MUREKATETE is our newly elected Chair Person

Sam BADEGE is our Executive Director and Founder